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Published on October 5th, 2012 | by StandAMF

The Seagull Love Review

Our mates at Brighton & Hove Albion’s premier fanzine, The Seagull Love Review, were kind enough to give us a write up in their latest issue…

Over the Summer I was chatting online with a few pals on the ‘Casual Connoisseur’ forum when one of the posters, a young Cardiff City fan, starting ranting about the state of his club – how they bowed to a Malaysian corporate takeover with promises of ‘significant investment’ if the club change their colours from blue to red, and put a dragon in their badge, effec-tively changing the very fabric of the club, its roots, and how it’s run. What got him more worked up was that less than 100 Cardiff fans acted straight- away like he did and refused to renew their season tickets in protest. The vast majority went along with the scam, like nothing had happened. He vowed never to watch them again, his heart was broken but enough was enough.

More posters came to the thread and all agreed with his views, and grumbled about how abjectly shit modern football in Britain is – money trumps everything. One of the posters, a Yeovil fan – who confessed he had read both Build A Bonfire and We Want Falmer – said “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a REAL magazine out there that was against modern football?”.

Everyone concurred, until someone piped up “Why don’t you start one up Seb?” He thought for a couple of hours and did just that. Asking for help with articles, including yours truly and the Cardiff lad, he went away, consulted more mates in the magazine business, and ‘Stand – AMF’ (Against Modern Football) was born.

Seb (who TSLR know too) and his two co-editors then set up a Tumblr account and Twitter page. Within two days @standamf had over 1000 followers. The response, through word of mouth and among the football twitterati, was extraordinary. Asking tweeters to use the hashtag #standamfissue1 to tweet what pissed them off most about the state of today’s game started a kaleidoscopic landslide of anger, hopelessness, passion, and of course dry wit, and even trended for over 24 hours in the UK.

The consensus among fans – crucially young and old – who don’t watch Soccer AM and follow Arsenal in a Sky pub in Dorset, i.e. non- whoppers, is that this definitely fucking IS time to make a stand. Stand-AMF is an attempt to channel that popular anger.

The fanzine will only be available to buy online (it’s paper, relax) and will be coming out very soon. My piece is about why Falmer is bucking the modern football trend a bit, to stop the whole production just being some grumpy men shouting.

Follow the Stand AMF websites for details of issue one. If you read and enjoy TSLR this new fanzine may be of interest to you. The battle for the soul of football is being won by the wrong side, but the fight isn’t over if the little people still make a STAND.

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