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Published on July 3rd, 2013 | by Seb

Ale, Music, Football – Meet the Panellists: Anthony Higgins, CAP Ciudad de Murcia

If you’ve been following the tweets we’ve been sending out over the last couple of days, you’ll have seen more information about the timetable for the Ale, Music, Football event on Saturday. The panels that make up the afternoon and feature all those we’ve been introducing you to in the build up to the event are split in to 3 groups.

First up, we will be discussing Supporter Ownership at 3pm before going on to tackle Fan Protest at games at 4pm and finally, Fan Protest outside of match days at 5.15.

The latest panellist we’ve interviewed for you is Anthony Higgins, who, as a shareholder in supporter owned Spanish side, CAP Ciudad De Murcia (CAP-CDM) will be taking part in Saturday’s opening debate.

1)    Who are you?

Anthony (Tony) Higgins, born Newcastle Upon Tyne 1967.

2) What do you do?

I’m just a normal shareholder at CAP Ciudad de Murcia. I have been a Newcastle fan for over 30 years and a regular contributor to the fanzine True Faith. I currently write their blog on Spanish football.

3) Why did you agree to talk at the Ale, Music, Football event?

I want to raise the profile of fan owned clubs in Spain especially CAP-CDM. We (CAP-CDM) have many links, especially with FCUM but the message needs to spread.

4) What’s the worst thing about modern football?

Is there anything good? Kick off times, ticket prices, players wages, transfer fees, all seated stadium, lack of atmosphere, dwindling away sport. Spiv owners that sell chav tat and desecrate your ground, money lender shirt sponsors (and Joe fucking Kinnear!) The worst thing in Spain is the obsession with Real Madrid and Barca and lack of support for local clubs…plus all the other stuff I’ve just listed.

5) What’s the best thing about modern football?

The campaign AMF.

6) What can anyone get you from the bar when the debate has gone on too long!?

A bottle of newky broon….just joking a nice cold bottle of Czech Budvar.

Speaking of drinks, the promoters of the event, Boss Night have confirmed that a special Stand AMF ale, brewed by Publisher Ales will be on sale on the day. Add to that the limited edition Casual Connoisseur T-shirt available on the Distant Echo stall and we’re getting very excited.

Once again, here’s that ticket link for the day!

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