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Published on July 10th, 2013 | by Seb

CityTicketX: Viagogo Campaign

In the past few months, fans of Schalke FC have come together in a movement to force Viagogo out of their club; a campaign of peaceful protesting and unerring pressure which has since led to Schalke FC terminating their contract with the much discussed resale site.

A year ago, our club, Manchester City, shook hands with the devil and agreed fateful terms with Viagogo, making them our official resale partners greeted with great uproar from the vast majority of our fans. On the back of the deal, I went about creating an account on twitter which would do the same job as Viagogo; an altruistic account whereby fans tweet in any spare tickets, and sell them on to other like-minded fans at face value or below.

The twitter account, now 4000 followers strong was shut down by the club on a number of occasions, something which was covered by both local and National press, and gained the support of fanbases worldwide, as well as from the very top of the FSF.

In just one season, we made over 400 successful exchanges, without earning a single penny in profit and I believe wholeheartedly that this goes a long way to show that Viagogo’s outrageous fees are unnecessary and easily avoidable. If you were to stand outside the ground and sell your £50 ticket for £90 you would be breaking the law. I struggle to find the thin line in the sand that separates Viagogo from your cap-donned street rip-off merchant. Viagogo are an organisation of touts with a helpline.

Since the injection of funds and success into our great club, as fans, we have had very little to complain about, but the extortion of what is still a very working class fanbase is disturbing, and leaves a sour taste amongst many other sweeter moments.

Following Schalke’s fans’ success, I have been putting together a plan to do the same; and by no means will it be easy, but it sure isn’t impossible, and the wheels are now in motion.

With the fanbase we have, especially on twitter, we can put substantial pressure upon the club and their unpleasant deal with Viagogo and we can change things for the better.

We are aiming to change things primarily at our club, but this can be the foundation for other clubs associated with Viagogo to step up and stand up against them, and I implore anyone with any interest in football to support this campaign.

The first step is the petition below, and when we hit our target of 5000 signatures, we can move forward, with substantial backing and support. As football fans we moan about everything, but this is desparately needed. Sign up and say NO to Viagogo.

Adam Keyworth

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