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Published on June 12th, 2014 | by Bill


This in from Paul Reidy, another fine Spanish-based contributor to STAND. 

FIFA – For the Greed of the Game – Boycott FIFA Sponsors & Partners

So another FIFA World Cup (TM) is upon us and for one month our beautiful game takes a global center stage. Taxi drivers suddenly become master tacticians, kids in the park want to be the “false 9” and the prospect of staying up to 0200hrs to watch Ivory Coast take on Japan is perversely appealing.
The World Cup is a captivating event for fans and non-fans alike and it´s hard not be carried along in the hype.

This year is different, like most fans, sure, I´m still looking forward to the tournament but as a football fan have quite frankly had enough of FIFA : their blatant corruption, hypocrisy, greed, arrogance…the list is endless and the granting of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar is perhaps the simplest and most effective way in showcasing what the underlying motivation behind the FIFA organisation is: generation of profit by any means.

A four year cycle tends to repeat itself, the tournament comes about, the media cry out against FIFA… but nothing changes, global football fans are left with a governing body that we haven’t elected yet continue to shape the future of the game to suit their own agenda.

However, we do have a voice, we are all “consumers” of FIFA products. We all make commercial choices, commercial choices that include FIFA sponsors & partners.
Booking flights, buying a car, choosing a credit card, doing the weekly shop, there are alternatives to FIFA sponsored company´s products.

Here is a list of FIFA World Cup 2014 sponsors & partners –

FIFA are all about making money. If we mobilize as a group we can impact on Fifa where their interests lie… the income received via their brand associations.

The Coca Cola Company are in the process of closing plants here in Spain despite massive profits. Social Media protests against choosing Coca Cola have seen sales drop as much as 40% in certain parts of the country according to union syndicates as a result (see story attached in Spanish from 20 Minutos).

Football fans as a collective have an immensely powerful voice. We need to use it !


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