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Published on July 7th, 2015 | by Bill

Big Bath City Bid

As you’ll know, we’re big in to supporter ownership and we’re happy to re-publish this from another set of fans looking to buy there club. This time, it’s Bath City. They even have the support of a dubiously talented former-England manager. Read on below.

What have the Romans ever done for us?

Apart from the sanitation, education etc., Bath, it seems, has recreation (sport) in abundance. There is a premiership team based in Bath.  It’s a rugby team of course.  We have the LTA’s, quote “International High Performance Tennis Academy” (presumably to distinguish it from all those low performance academies).  We trip over Olympians training at the sports village in the university including the GB Bob Sleigh track and team.  And we have a 125 year old football team, Bath City (aka The Romans) that has never played higher than tier 5 (Conference Premier) and has just finished 14th in the Conference South.

But now the fans, the wider football family and the community of Bath has risen to the challenge with a Community Share Offer to help give Bath the football team it deserves. Bath is a city of people who love football and who like to do things differently.  Unlike most (all?) community / fan schemes, we are not starting from a position of adversity. The club owns the ground and we are building on the magnificent work of the Bath City FC Community Sports Foundation, whose efforts saw Bath City recognised as “2014 Community Club of the Year” and the work of the Supporters’ Society.

“Now the people of Bath will be offered the historic opportunity to take ownership of our local football club, Bath City FC, through a community share offer which launched in June 2015 known as #bigbathcitybid”

We believe that community ownership will help create a broader base of involvement and investment. Community ownership is the future of football, and we can make it a reality in Bath by tapping into the enormous potential of Bath to make it a community-owned club brimming with fresh ideas and new enthusiasm. From accountants to art students, the full range of Bath’s talents, experiences and passions can find meaningful and rewarding expression in the Bath City FC project.

Our aim is to raise £750k by September 2015 to turn the Club into a Community Benefit Society. Working with Supporters Direct we’ve launched a Community Share Issue whereby supporters of the bid can invest anything from £250 upwards in the new club and receive 30% tax relief. The money will help clear urgent debts and recapitalise the Club so we can plan sensibly for a sustainable future. We can then look to expand the reach of our Foundation to help more disadvantaged and young people across Bath; we can consider installing a 3G pitch to make the Club a true sporting hub for the city; we can bring our Foundation, Youth Section, Academy and First Team all under one family and perhaps launch a Women’s representative XI; and we can re-engage the Club with the city to drive commercial performance to help drive success on the pitch.

So our challenge to you and the people of Bath, and with apologies to JFK, is to ask not what the Romans can do for you, ask what you can do for The Romans.

For more info on the big, check out the team on twitter, online and on youtube.

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