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Published on July 31st, 2015 | by Bill

Print Subscriptions – at last!

As we head in to the fanzine’s fourth season of existence, we thought it was high-time we finally sorted the no.1 question we hear from you lot – how can I subscribe to the print fanzines?

We’ve had the digital versions available via our app, a format which remains the cheapest way of getting hold of what we put out for quite a while. That’s still running at rates of £2.99 for 3 months or £11.99 for a year’s worth and with that, you get access to the full STAND back catalog.

Anyway – we can now offer a print subscription for the 2015/16 football season. For those in the UK, we’ve priced that at £15 via Paypal – click here to get yours.

For that, you get the 5 issues of the fanzine that we’ll be putting out this season plus access to all sorts of treats and offers we’ll be coming up with across the year.

From your £15, we’ll cover our print costs, postage, Paypal fees and with what we’ve got left we’re also planning on hatching a little fund raising scheme. More news on that soon, but it should mean we’re able to make a series of donations to good footballing causes.

We have made the subscriptions available to overseas readers but be wary, due to the high postage costs this have worked out quite expensive. Our apologies for this but there really isn’t any profit being made on these!

Right – that link again –

Thanks for your support.

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