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Published on September 27th, 2015 | by Bill

The FSF’s Weekend of Action

Next weekend, the 3rd-4th October, will see the Football Supporter’s Federation target grounds up and down the country in what that are calling a weekend of action, as fan groups of all colours unite to protest over match day ticket pricing.

We’ve often called for fans to unite over common causes, such as the basic costs of getting to see your teams play, and we’ve often been criticised for not being able to do anything about organising that. But really, we’re just a fanzine! The FSF are a national body with a lot of heavily organised and well established supporters groups accredited to them and upwards of 500,000 members overall.

On this note, we’re fully behind this weekend of action. Get involved with the protests organised for your club – and if you can’t find a group active, that’s doing something on the ground, do something yourself. The FSF are willing to help out, you just need to contact them. And on top of that, we’ll gladly publicise anything you get up to via our usual means.

The FSF state that there are already protests organised at every Premier League Club plus many more further down the league structure. And here’s FSF head honcho, Kevin Miles on what next weekend is all about:

“Over the past 25 years money has flowed into football enriching players, owners, executives and agents – we think it’s about time fans saw some of the benefits too.

“Nine out of ten fans feel that football is too expensive but fans’ loyalty and commitment to their clubs is being exploited.

“The impact of rising prices has been particularly felt by away fans at Premier League level, who also have to contend with high travel costs and kick-off times changed for TV, and that’s why we’ve focussed on away fans with our “Twenty’s Plenty” campaign.

“It’s not just the Premier League where we see high prices though – every week we hear from fans unhappy at ticket costs lower down the pyramid.”

Here at STAND, we’re also fully aware that lots of you have stopped paying the huge prices demanded by our sides, either because you can’t afford to or simply won’t. We also fully support your reasons for doing this, as I myself made the point in Issue 1 of the fanzine when bemoaning Yeovil Town’s ticket pricing, then in League 1, now in League 2, where I made the decision to play football again on Saturday’s as a cheaper alternative!

However, we respect those that are still going to games and we support the right for you to protest for change. We can see the obvious problem with spending £50 to get into a match only to protest about doing just that, but for one weekend – let’s leave that aside and back the FSF.

To find out more on the FSF’s plans, keep checking their news section (


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