How Football Fans Can Decorate Bedrooms to Keep their Spirit High

Many people are obsessed with football despite their gender or age. This makes football a perfect theme for die-hard fans’ bedroom décor.

Watching your favorite football games at home on a flat screen is nothing like viewing it live. However, the hectic nature of modern life and ever-rising ticket prices force millions of football fans worldwide to watch their matches from home.

Even so, you can decorate your interior space in smart ways to make watching football in your living room or bedroom as good as viewing the live action.

Whether you’re a longtime football fan or just developed a love for the sport, you can give your home a relevant appeal. It also doesn’t matter whether you support Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City, or Chelsea.

Consider a specific football team you support or take a general approach to decorating your space. Here’re a few ways to decorate your bedroom to reflect your love for football:

5 Tips to Decorating a Football-Themed Bedroom

  • Opt for the right color scheme

The right color scheme is bound to pay homage to your favorite football team, be it Manchester United, Liverpool, Everton or Chelsea. Specific popular colors are used on worldwide football team kits.

Most football teams use blue or red as their strip color; this is both a curse and a blessing. The color choices of some teams work better than others.

However, you can pick a few subtle colors from a sophisticated color combination to decorate your room. This is safer than picking a complete strip color to decorate your entire space.

Pick a palette of two or three colors to paint your bedroom. Consider a two-toned appearance with a bold color at the bottom and a neutral color at the top of your walls. Use a decorative rail to separate the two colors.

Other options include a single accent wall in a bold hue or creating stripes on the walls using a painter’s tape.

  • Choose attractive football accessories to display

Sports football clocks can leave die-hard fans feeling like they’ve just won the world cup. Available in monochrome colors, the clocks are perfect additions to your interior space.

The clocks are a reminder of fun things in life atop making perfect accessories for football-themed interior décor. What’s more, they’re also functional.

Soccer-themed lights are also great for decorating your bedroom. They’re unique and bound to light your space in style. They’re a great center of attraction that’ll give your bedroom a distinctive look.

You can weld some accessories to help you reduce costs if working on a tight budget. Make sure you wear gas masks for maximum comfort if working the IY-way.

You’ll also need to hire a multi-process welder like those on if you don’t have one.

  • Accentuate your bedroom with football décor

Football-inspired pillows can accentuate your bed and give it a decorative touch. Whether you decide to base your décor off a specific football team’s colors or general soccer colors, football-themed pillows can add a cool vibe indoors and complement your bed for an attractive look.

Consider football-themed bedding and duvets to decorate your bed in style. Opt for bold, clear football designs for your neutral or fully-themed bedroom. Choosing general football colors makes your bedroom relevant even if you decide to change teams.

Football duvets with minimal effect can still make you feel like the star of the tournament even when watching your game from bed.

A handmade football-themed armchair with a matching footstool can also accentuate your interior space to showcase your love for soccer.

  • Make your flooring more playful

A fun area rug can make your flooring more playful, entertaining and enjoyable for football lovers. Find a soft, deep and luxurious football-themed area rug made from 100% Polypropylene pile. They’ll add reassurance and comfort to your bedroom for a football-themed look.

Consider playful green designs of a football pitch on your rugs to decorate your flooring playfully. You won’t just get value for your money, but also inspire and delight the football fans in your household.

Experience the reality of a football pitch and match with artificial grass. This easily replicates a football stadium in your own home. With the grass, football fans won’t just watch their favorite team from home, but also kick a ball around on actual grass.

  • Install football-themed artwork

Consider football-themed wall stickers, decors and borders to decorate your interior space easily, quickly and affordably. With these wall art pieces, you won’t re-wallpaper your walls for several months.

Available in multiple images, wall posters allow younger fans to add a unique personality and look indoors. However, they work for all fans of football. For instance, you can stick a poster of your favorite football player such as Hazard, Ronaldo, Neymar or Rooney, on your wall.

Posters also feature various team slogans and logos to meet your unique tastes and preferences.

Wall stickers are easy to install atop being suitable for any room indoors. They’re easy to remove and transform walls, giving them completely different looks. Upon removal, stickers don’t leave paintwork damages behind.

Detailed football artwork isn’t just spectacular, but its WOW effect can transform your bedroom walls into a wonderful work of art.

Similarly, a wall canvas also makes an excellent bedroom accessory for your football-themed décor. Is there a better way to showcase your love for soccer and your favorite game in your bedroom subtly?

Canvas moves on the wall and comes off easily as you deem fit.


Hopefully, we’ve inspired your love for football into decorating your space into a football-themed bedroom. Ranging from furniture to playful accessories to decorations in football themes, you can showcase your love for football indoors as you desire.