Who are we?
was started by Seb, Dan and Mark who between them now put all their efforts in to the fine Mundial and Proper Magazine publications, respectively.

Bill took over the editorial reigns after that and remains responsible for organising and producing all fanzine issues and other content, ably assisted by Lynsay, his long-suffering wife and graphic designer along with a crew of regular contributors from all over the fan scene all over the UK and overseas.

What we are?
We’re a fanzine that gives the opportunity for like-minded people to take a considered look at the state of the game. We attempt to introduce and investigate alternatives to negative aspects of modern football and to bring together disaffected fans.

Some specifics…
We are advocates of supporter ownership and firm believers in the work of Supporters Direct (@SuppDirect). There may be some flaws, but it’s us, the supporters, not the hedge funds, debt consolidators or oligarchs who were here before they came along, and will remain long after they’ve gone.
We believe that football supporters are often treated differently to other elements of society and firmly believe in and promote the excellent work undertaken by FSF Faircop (@FSF_FairCop).
We support the introduction of safe standing. Whilst mindful of the past, there is a proven and safe alternative to seating, which is wanted by a section of supporters.

We think ticket prices are too high across all levels of the game, and seek to encourage clubs to reduce ticket prices by any means.

We are absolutely and totally against anything to do with a certain club from Milton Keynes. Their existence stands as a monument to the authorities’ disregard for the fabric of the game. It was utterly wrong then, is still wrong now and will always be wrong.

What are we not?
We do not want the return of a game blighted by hooliganism, racism and deathtrap stadiums. The game had to change but the scale of change has and continues to take the game away from the many who so enjoy it.

We are not the voice of the Against Modern Football movement. Individually, we identify with #AMF but whilst that encompasses so many different subjects, it’s impossible to have one single outlook.

We are not beholden to any mythical #AMF rulebook – there isn’t one.

We are not Amish. We like modern technology. It’s the 21st century and we will use online and digital media to communicate our message.

If you look hard and long enough, ‘modern football’ may not be that different from old football. STAND is about what’s happening now and just because something may or may not have happened in the past, it doesn’t mean we can’t voice our concern if it affects the supporters of today.

We are absolutely NOT in it to make money. Things like websites, designers, postage, PayPal fees, events and full colour fanzines with no paid adverts don’t come for free. People contribute articles/illustrations/poems/photos for free. Sometimes we may have to pay for these, or pay for a train or taxi for an interview or a feature.


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  1. paula chabanais says:

    Guys, this is amazing but how the hell does one get the magazine — this information should be on every web page or am I totally missing something here?

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